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Month: August 2013

ZB Travel – Christchurch Aug 31

It’s the third anniversary of the 7mag quake on Wednesday. How is the city shaping up as a visitor destination, ahead of the summer season? Well, as much as most of the central city resembles a demolition and construction site, there is a much greater semblance of normality in the city, than was the case a… Read More ›

The Press-News column. Aug 27

Does Christchurch really need a new slogan? What is your favourite city destination? Wherever in the world it may be, I bet you can’t recall its official branding slogan. Because, chances are, the destination in question doesn’t even sport a silly little slogan. Most successful and self-respecting cities have cut the chord on feel-good straplines…. Read More ›

ZB Travel – Lisbon Aug 24

The Portuguese economy maybe in the ditch, but Lisbon is flourishing as a visitor destination, right? Just like its big neighbour Spain, Portugal has been drowning in debt and high unemployment. But the tourism sector is one bright star, which is actually is leading Portugal out of the doldrums, with record-high visitor numbers. It is… Read More ›

The Press -News column Aug 20

Orion’s slap in the face. Orion’s odious proposed price hike, which would gouge an extra $1000 off every Christchurch customer, over and above its existing 25% share of power bills, has run into a brick wall. The Commerce Commission’s draft report has virtually halved the scope of Orion’s planned cash-grab, while also noting that the… Read More ›

The Press-News column Aug 6

Ticking timebomb for Homeowners. How are your sewer pipes?  What about your stormwater? Some reader correspondence has prompted me to enquire as to what Canterbury homeowners should do, if their pipes are not the PVC variety. If you live in an older home with clay or ceramic pipes leading out to the road, have they… Read More ›

ZB Travel – Dolomites. Aug 3

Regarded as Italy’s spiky rooftop, whereabouts about they located? They crown the skyline of Italy’s most northerly province, Alto Adige, which is probably better known by its German name, the South Tyrol. The Dolomites is a sprawling mountain range of 18 peaks, most of them nearly as high at Mt. Cook. These pink and gray… Read More ›

The Press-News column July 30

Toss Out Cinderella-style Curfew. One of the key proposals in the city council’s draft local alcohol policy ( LAP) is looking increasingly misguided and indefensible. The council commissioned cost-benefit analysis concludes that the planned assault on bar trading hours fails to address problem drinking, and will cost the economy more than it saves.  But will… Read More ›