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Month: June 2015

ZB Travel – Lucca June 27

Mike’s weekly travel segment on Newstalk ZB’s Jack Tame Show on Saturday, turns the spotlight on the Tuscan gem of Lucca. In a city of 100 churches, there are two unmissables, plus explore Puccini’s family home, enjoy a Puccini concert, sample Lucca’s essential tastes, and trawl the pedestrianised shopping streets where centuries-old shops interplay with… Read More ›

The Press – Opinion June 23

Back to School and Recovery Delays. On Friday I went back to school. Thirty years on, since I first rocked up as a angelic little third-former, I was back as guest speaker for the St. Bede’s Annual Dinner. Since then, I’ve been wallowing in a haze of school days nostalgia, with the memories flooding back…. Read More ›

ZB Travel – Madrid June 20

Mike’s weekly travel slot on Newstalk ZB’s Jack Tame Show, turns the spotlight on magical Madrid. From the landmarks and statues to the markets and foodie treats, Madrid could keep you stimulated for weeks. Don’t miss the Prado, for a fabulous walk through a thousand years of art history and one of Europe’s most… Read More ›

The Press-News column Jun 16

The Housing Crunch and Congestion Charges The latest OECD report on New Zealand champions some bold changes to enhance our sustainable and inclusive economic well-being. Cynics like to deride their reports as the work of Paris chateau pointy-heads. But much of it is applicable Canterbury’s dynamics, with a prescriptive list of changes that should elicit… Read More ›

ZB Travel – Seville Jun 13

Mike’s weekly travel slot on Newstalk ZB’s Jack Tame Show turns the spotlight on Seville, in southern Spain. From the majestic history of Seville Cathedral to the vibrant barrios of Triana and Santa Cruz, Seville is such a great city to explore on foot. Mike’s feature articles on Seville will soon appear in APN/NZME… Read More ›

The Press-News column June 9

Protect the Christchurch Ratepayer Christchurch Mayor Lianne Dalziel’s 11th hour re-hash of the draft long term plan ( LTP) provides the faintest flicker of relief for your backpocket, but you’ll still be rogered.  This unorthodox intervention plan by the Mayor appears  to be driven by the desire to maintain a veneer of political unity around… Read More ›

ZB Travel – Cordoba June 6

Mike’s weekly travel segment on Newstalk ZB’s Jack Tame Show, turns the spotlight on the old Moorish capital of Andalusia, Cordoba. Explore the staggering beauty of the Mezquita ( Mosque-Cathedral), the Juderia, Roman Bridge and marvel at Cordoba residents’ passion for patio design. The annual Festival of the Patios throws the doors open on… Read More ›

The Press-News Column June 2

In defence of the city’s nightlife. Does the city council want to knock the stuffing out of the central city’s fledgling post-quake nightlife scene?  Is New Zealand’s second largest city set to have  a strangulated entertainment scene,  neutered by power-tripping nanas? Or will common-sense prevail? The business end of the city council’s provisional Local Alcohol… Read More ›

ZB Travel – Portugal in May

In recent week’s Mike’s weekly travel segment on Newstalk ZB’s Jack Tame Show, has been on-location in Portugal, with the focus on Lisbon, Oporto and the heartland. Extensive feature articles on exploring Portugal will appear in upcoming editions of Mike’s weekly travel page in APN/NZME regional newspapers, plus on For the Love of Travel.

The Press-News Column May 26

Existing housing should be off-limits to non-resident foreigner buyers. As the dust settles on Budget 2015’s big bangs, notably the looming hardship hand-outs, the big housing bogey will continue to dog the government’s agenda. Ten days ago, National hoped the big reveal on cracking down on quick-flicking property speculators, would have a chilling effect on… Read More ›