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Month: March 2013

ZB Travel – Sorrento. March 30

Why do you say Sorrento is a mega-destination? Sun-kissed Sorrento, struts the volcanic cliffs of the Bay of Naples. And just as its mythical sea maidens seduced  Greek sailors to its shores, Sorrento  retains a  siren-like pull on today’s travellers. Few cities in the world are so well-endowed with such a neighbouring line-up of rock-stars…. Read More ›

The Press – Yardley column. Mar 30

The Weight of Authority. Poor old Peter Beck. The former Cathedral Dean seems to feel wiped out by a double-dose of overbearing authority figures – first at the Cathedral and now at City Hall. The outgoing city councillor has subtly taken aim at Mayor Parker, for failing to harness a culture of open, robust, transparent… Read More ›

ZB Travel – British Columbia Mar 23

Vancouver is obviously the main gateway. Does it live up to its reputation as one of the world’s best cities? Captain James Cook sailed into Vancouver in 1778. What must have awe-struck Cook 235 years ago, remains the same today  – the epic wraparound beauty of soaring mountains and sweeping waterways. What a backdrop for… Read More ›

The Press – Yardley column.Mar 23.

Waging War against Vandals. Graffiti, the projectile vomit of vandals, continues to monster Christchurch, with the New Brighton war memorial reprehensibly splattered yet again. Underscoring the unprecedented volume of vandalism defacing suburbia, 82% of residents ranked graffiti as Christchurch’s biggest problem, in the council’s latest quality of life survey. City leaders are right to question… Read More ›

APN Travel – Disney Paris. Mar 22.

Bonjour Mickey! Here’s a pop trivia question to float at your next dinner party. What is the most visited attraction in Europe? No, it’s not the Coliseum, the Eiffel Tower or Pisa’s Leaning Tower, but the pleasure power of Walt Disney in France. Disneyland Paris has just celebrated its 20th anniversary and people of all… Read More ›

The Press – Yardley Opinion Mar 22

CHRISTCHURCH CATHEDRAL – BATTLEGROUNDS AND COMMON GROUND. Some years ago, one of our city’s most colourful sons, theatre director Elric Hooper, dubbed Christchurch ‘the Verona of the South Seas.” Hooper reckons no New Zealand city can match Christchurch for its polarising and passionate discourse on civic debates, which often see the “Montagues and Capulets” cross… Read More ›

ZB Travel – Tonga. March 16

Is it time to start planning a South Pacific winter break? As the weather starts to cool and the leaves start turning, many Kiwis cast their minds to planning a winter break. People will have noticed the advertising for South Pacific holiday packages has ramped up in the past few weeks, so now’s the time… Read More ›

ZB Travel – Tasmania. March 9

It’s your first trip to Tassie. You’ve been there a week. What are your first impressions? For a state that is less than half the size of the North Island, Tassie punches well above its weight with an absurd abundance of world-class attractions and knock-out scenery. So much of Tasmania’s history is tinged with tragedy… Read More ›

The Press – Yardley column. March 9

  Fanfare Artwork. The feisty flap that has erupted over the installation of Neil Dawson’s Fanfare is a welcome sign that normal transmission is resuming in Christchurch. It’s a classic Christchurch dust-up.  Leading the charge sheet of objections is its location. Could there be a more desolate, dishevelled setting , aside from Birdlings Flat, than… Read More ›

ZB Travel – Isle of Mull. March 2

What makes the Isle of Mull such a drawcard? The Western Highlands and offshore islands are quintessential Scotland. But unlike the Isle of Skye, one of the bonnie Scotland’s less trodden paths, yet most enthralling destinations, is a foray to the Isle of Mull. From the rugged ridges of Ben More and wild moorland to… Read More ›