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Month: March 2015

ZB Travel – Free Attractions

Mike’s weekly travel slot on Newstalk ZB’s Jack Tame Show turns on the spotlight on the world’s great free tourist experiences and attractions. From the public transport rockstars, Melbourne’s City Circle Tram and New York’s Staten Island Ferry, to the trove of treasures that can be experienced, gratis, at museums in London, Washington DC,… Read More ›

The Press – News column Mar 24

Stinking of Self-Entitlement Schoolboys will be schoolboys,  but parents can be their own worst enemies.  Bravo to St Bede’s College Rector, Justin Boyle, for standing firm on the school’s code of conduct.  Breaching airport security, by illegally taking a ride on a luggage carousel into the secure is no trifling matter.  The two roguish rowers… Read More ›

ZB Travel – Coast Drives Mar 21

Mike’s weekly travel slot, on Newstalk ZB’s Jack Tame Show, turns the spotlight on scenic coastal road journeys. Eight Great Coastal Roadies. With fuel prices continuing to track well below the spikes of recent years, it’s such a great time for a roadie, whether it’s close to home on the West Coast Highway and  Great… Read More ›

The Press – News column Mar 17

Feckless Freedom Campers After three and half years of denial, delusion and dereliction,  the Christchurch City Council has finally agreed to craft a freedom camping bylaw.  Despite the government empowering  local councils with the legislative tools to regulate and enforce freedom camping since December 2011, our council opted to sit on its chuff, complicit and… Read More ›

The Press – News column Mar 10

Victoria Square controversy The summer’s biggest  hot-potato in Christchurch has now been served up on a cooling plate for public engagement. The Central City Development Unit set fire to civic passions late last year with its incendiary plan to subject Victoria Square to a stack of re-design molestations, frittering over $7 million in the process.  … Read More ›

ZB Travel – Buenos Aires Mar 7

Mike’s weekly travel slot on Newstalk ZB’s Jack Tame Show turns the spotlight on Buenos Aires. From the city’s Old World European architecture and  the colourful street art in barrios like La Boca, To the feverish atmosphere of football at Bombanera Stadium , tango salons and café culture, it’s an irrepressible city of so many… Read More ›

The Press – News column Mar 3

Paying your fair share. Thank God needs-must pragmatism trumped rigid ideology, in the interests of  the ratepayers’ pocket. Congratulations to the eight city councillors who voted in favour of expanding the asset sales programme to $750 million. But we are going to need more of this.  Mauling the ratepayer with a 33% rates increase over… Read More ›