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Month: April 2013

ZB Travel – ANZAC Day at Gallipoli

Geography 101. Whereabouts in Turkey is Gallipoli located? About 3 hours drive from Istanbul, Gallipoli peninsula is perched at the entrance to the Dardanelles, a pencil-thin body of water that links the Med with the Black Sea and Russia. Whoever controls the waterway, controls access to Eastern Europe. For New Zealanders, the Allied campaign tried… Read More ›

Reflections on ANZAC Day.

The mighty Mediterranean, the cradle of Western civilisation, first grabbed hold of my heart many years ago. It was during my first break from full-time radio in the mid ‘90s, that the quest for travel and adventure lured me to its wondrous shores. I ended up working on a Greek cruise ship , that plied… Read More ›

The Press – Yardley column April 23.

Warrior Queen not without obstacles. Threesomes are rarely tidy affairs and the Christchurch mayoral race could be steering down the barrel of becoming quite the tryst. Growing speculation that Lianne Dalziel will tip her hat in the ring, along with Tim Carter, transforms the election  into a three-headed battle of heavyweights. Oh – and how… Read More ›

ZB Travel – Luxury Rail Asia. April 20

The Orient Express operates a subsidiary operation in Asia, and the rail trip is called the Eastern and Oriental Express. Is it up to Orient Express standards? I took a trip on the Orient Express from Venice a few years ago, and the quality of its Asian subsidiary, is  on par with its big European… Read More ›

The Press – Yardley column April 16

Insurance makeover. Canterbury’s residential insurance market is in a state of unprecedented transformation. Agreed-value cover is consigning replacement cover to history. Equally significant is the imposition of hefty excesses on non-dwelling structures, like swimming pools and fences. A $5000 excess appears to be the ‘new normal’ for these structures, although VERO’s $10,000 excess is particularly… Read More ›

ZB Travel – North Wales. April 13

People rave about the scenery of North Wales. Does it live up to all the hype? I crossed over from Birmingham into North Wales, and the landscapes are instantly impressive, distinctive and enchanting. Beautifully verdant valleys, towering mountain ranges, fast-running rivers and waterfalls, mysterious forests and charming market towns and medieval villages.  Whether its for… Read More ›

APN Travel – Marrakech.

Introducing Marrakech, Morocco. For a dollop of exotica in the Islamic world, in comparative safety, treat yourself to a magical encounter in the storied “Red City” of Marrakech. The political climate is stable and the hospitality unfailing in Morocco’s fairy-tale tourist hotspot. The finely crafted ochre-coloured walls, alleys and buildings of the city boast a… Read More ›

The Press – Yardley column. April 9

The Cathedral Debate. You don’t have to be a hard-boiled cynic to suspect that we are being led by our nose by the Anglican Church to embrace the contemporary Cathedral option. But should “faster and cheaper” win the day? The Church Property Trust has been rather mischievous in ratcheting up the cost estimate and building… Read More ›

ZB Travel – London, April 6

What’s Hot in London. The weather is not, right? London experienced its coldest April day in twenty years yesterday, and it’s been the second coldest April since records began. But the good thing about London, is there is never any shortage of indoor attractions to spell-bind you. So regardless of the weather, London still delivers… Read More ›

The Press – Yardley column. April 2

Westende House no great loss. Thank heavens that wretched Westende House is going to be bowled by CERA. It was the first new building to emerge from the rubble of September 2010 – rising like a one-fingered salute to cheap and nasty uber-functionalism. A building devoid of any decorative flourishes, by-passed of personality, let alone… Read More ›