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Month: December 2012

Shake free amid signs of recovery

THE WEEKEND PRESS COLUMN –  29/12/12 How sweet it has been to revel in the Christmas season in Christchurch, without it being marred by one of Mother Nature’s mad crackers. With the seismic sequence continuing to taper off, CERA’s Roger Sutton has declared 2013 the Year of the Rebuild. The year in which reconstruction and… Read More ›

Glacier Country

New Zealand enjoys the unique distinction of being the only place on the planet where glaciers slope down to within 20km of the coastline. Head to South Westland and immerse yourself in the ice-laden awe of Glacier Country. In the family of glaciers, the little sister is Fox, located in a steep-sided glacial valley, at… Read More ›

Council cannot ignore partial asset sales

   Published Christchurch Press, 23 December 2012 Austerity. The very word holds about as much appeal as a curdled rice pudding on a hot December day. Financial restraint is not a sexy political slogan that aspiring council representatives dream about at night, heading into an election year. But it is the policy mantra that needs… Read More ›


The land of cheese, chocolate and clocks commands a steadfast hold on the traveller’s imagination. Switzerland’s jaw-dropping alpine scenery and equally indelible railway journeys, is the archetypical postcard impression synonymous with the nation. But if you’re looking to spice up a Swiss journey with a touch of Monte Carlo extravagance, be sure to add Geneva… Read More ›

Israel, the Holy Land

The Holy Land remains a cachet entry on many a bucket list.You would be hard pressed to find any other place quite like Jerusalem. Imbued with the history and reverence of three world religions, Jerusalem is a spiritual cradle of truly biblical proportions. No other city can boast such multi-denominational significance to Judaism, Christianity and… Read More ›


No place better exemplifies Singapore’s souped-up palette of attractions than Sentosa Island. What was formerly a languid, leafy tropical island retreat has been given quite the makeover. Complementing the soft-adventure forest walks, the manicured gardens and white-sandy beaches, Resort World Sentosa has revved-up the island’s offerings, with some multi-billion dollar drawcards. Taking top billing is… Read More ›

Mykonos and Santorini

They may well be the islands of your most romantic imaginings. A pocket of the world where the summer sun lingers deep into autumn, where vast expanses of beach intermingle with seductive azure waters, and where you can ramble through the tangle of twisting cobblestoned lanes that lace the lost-in-time villages of exceptional beauty. It’s… Read More ›

West Ireland

Ireland’s wild west region of Connemara is a magnet for travellers who revel in rugged, pristine wilderness and the whiff of adventure. Stretching northwest of Galway, this enchanting district is a patchwork of legendary Irish bogs, sprawling valleys, shimmering lakes, moody mountains and chocolate-box villages. Ragged beauty, rustic personality and bucket loads of charm. Located… Read More ›

Rocky Mountaineer

Even the most seasoned of travellers agree, experience the Rocky Mountaineer and you will alight from the train in a swirl of superlatives. Traversing the sublime Canadian Rockies from British Colombia to Alberta, the Rocky Mountaineer’s recipe of success is quite simply its unswerving commitment to deliver the best. The best in hospitality, comfort, cuisine… Read More ›

New Brighton rebirth lies in recreational dollar

No matter where you live in Christchurch, every proud resident yearns for New Brighton’s second coming. Aside from the pier, the library, Peter Donnelly’s sand art wizardry and the underrated New Brighton Art Gallery – the mall is a bombsite to rival Benghazi. The novelty of the Saturday shopping monopoly is long gone, but our… Read More ›