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Month: January 2013

APN Travel – Auckland. Jan,2013.

As the golden rays of summer start to ripen and become more slanted, it’s the optimum time to explore the sweep of Auckland’s watery delights. Chiefly propelled by the show-boating imperatives of the Rugby World Cup, the Queen City’s prime waterfront has never looked so good. Nor has it been so open and appealing to… Read More ›

The Press, Yardley column. Jan 26

SAFEGUARDS  NEEDED  FOR WRITTEN-OFF HOMES. Browse through the Christchurch property listings on Trade Me and you’ll soon stumble upon a slew of written-off homes, on the market.  It’s actually been the case for months. Prior to Christmas, real estate agents flagged their concerns with CERA about munted homes contaminating the market, but the government hasn’t… Read More ›

Newstalk ZB Travel – Cinque Terre.

WALKING ITALY:  THE CINQUE TERRE. ( As discussed by Mike Yardley, on Newstalk ZB’s Jack Tame Saturday Show. Jan 26.) Whereabouts is the Cinque Terre located and what’s the attraction? Located an hour south of Genoa on the Italian West Coast, and an hour north of Pisa, Cinque Terre literally translates as ‘‘five lands’’. A rugged,… Read More ›

APN Travel – Wanaka. Jan 2013.

Richly blessed by nature’s seasonal brush, the alpine town of Wanaka is one of New Zealand’s most majestic playgrounds. But with the golden glow of those long and lazy summer nights on the horizon, Wanaka really hits top gear, with its embarrassing abundance of magical attractions and adventures in the great outdoors. The crystal-clear waters… Read More ›

Newstalk ZB Travel, Beijing, Jan 19

JACK TAME SATURDAY MORNINGS, NEWSTALK ZB. Newstalk ZB’s Travel Correspondent, Mike Yardley is aboard with Jack Tame at 11.20am, Saturday January 19. The feature destination this week is the beginners guide to Beijing. China’s pulsating capital, steeped in old-world charms. Here are the key sightseeing pointers if you are a beginner to Beijing. For newcomers,… Read More ›

Newstalk ZB Travel Slot, Jan 12.

Mike Yardley Travel on Newstalk ZB with Jack Tame. Jan 12. This week’s feature topic – Trains & Planes, the Big Travel Trends of 2013. On the aviation front, has the proliferation of airline fees and surcharges reached saturation point? Pretty much. All of the low hanging fruit, like seat selection charges, has been picked off…. Read More ›

The Press, Yardley column. Jan 12

Mike Yardley, The Press, Current Affairs column.   THE CALL FOR  A CRACKDOWN ON FARM QUAD BIKES. Quad bike carnage has eclipsed beach drownings in the holiday season headlines, firing up calls for mandatory safety practises. Within hours of the Boxing Day death of a  Southland teenager, who lost control and went over a cliff… Read More ›

Travel – what we love and loathe

As T. S Eliot said, ” The Journey not the arrival matters.” However there are many things that influence whether travellers love or loathe that journey. So what do we love about travelling? And what do we loathe? THINGS WE LOVE Counting the number of sleeps until you leave. Standing in front of a world… Read More ›

Vandals deserve spell behind bars

THE WEEKEND PRESS COLUMN, JAN 5,2013. Few things in life trigger such instant blood-boiling infuriation than discovering your property has been vandalised by taggers, under their cowardly canvas of darkness. Spare a thought for those residents returning home from the holiday season, to find their fence, garage or house has been mindlessly defaced. My surrounding… Read More ›

Coromandel Coast

I feel embarrassed to admit this, but I have just completed my first foray around the Coromandel. Too many years have passed before I finally surrendered to the abundance of scenic charms this most blessed of regions has in-store. Basing myself in the beachy township of Whangamata, before the heady Christmas rush, the medley of… Read More ›