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Month: July 2014

ZB Travel – Solomons July 26

On Saturday July 26, Mike’s weekly travel segment on Newstalk ZB’s Jack Tame Show focuses on exploring the Solomon Islands. Traditional village life that you can immerse yourself in, sensational war relics, ancient tribal history and spectacular snorkelling and diving in Gizo and Munda, in the Western Province. A South Pacific getaway, off the tourist… Read More ›

The Press-News column July 22

Short-term Commuter Rail gets the Red Light Thomas, Percy and Edward won’t be tootling down the train tracks with commuter rail passengers anytime soon. At first blush, Friday’s rejection of commuter rail on the Main North Line could be damned as a short-sighted defeat for sustainable Greater Christchurch. But the ECan-commissioned investigation of commuter rail… Read More ›

ZB Travel-Rabaul PNG July 19

On Saturday July 19, Mike’s weekly travel segment on Newstalk ZB’s Jack Tame Show turns the spotlight on the emerging tourist destination of Rabaul, East new Britain, Papua New Guinea. Old Rabaul town was destroyed by the twin volcanic eruptions of 1994. You can now walk up the steaming volcano of Mt. Tarvurvur. Be… Read More ›

The Press-News column July 15

Christchurch Town Hall on Shaky Ground. It is a carbuncle of Costa Concordia proportions.  Run aground on Kilmore Island and cut adrift from the emerging new city centre, the previous council’s decision to fully restore  the Christchurch Town Hall now appears to be on increasingly shaky sand. I was amused to read Warren and Mahoney… Read More ›

ZB Travel – Oz Winter. July 12

On Saturday July 12, Mike Yardley’s weekly travel segment on Newstalk ZB’s Jack Tame Show turns the spotlight on Australia’s biggest winter hits. The latest cutting-edge production of Les Miserables has returned to Australia, just kicking off in Melbourne. The Lion King Musical is into its final weeks in Sydney, before heading to Brisbane…. Read More ›

The Press- News column. July 8

Political Spotlight Set to Head East. As the pulse rate of the central city rebuild starts to beat with purpose and  vigour, expect the political spotlight to head East in the coming weeks, with higher wattage bulbs to boot.  A welcome appetiser emerged on Friday, with a city council-appointed advisory group selecting a hot salt… Read More ›

ZB Travel – Rarotonga July 5

On Saturday July 5, Mike’s travel segment on Newstalk ZB’s Jack Tame Show turns the spotlight on Rarotonga. Beyond lounging on the beach, and looking for Nemo in the lagoon, Mike’s focus is on exploring authentic Rarotongan experiences, that focus on the natural and cultural heritage of the island. Storytellers Eco-cycling tours, Pa’s Cross-island treks,… Read More ›

The Press-News column July 1

Going European with our Air Quality. My inbox has been huffing and puffing with feedback, and a bit of blowback, to last week’s opinion piece, in which I argued that ECan should declare the National Environmental Standards on Air Quality an unreasonable, unachievable imposition on Cantabrians. Unless our little regional fiefdom stumbles upon a Harry… Read More ›