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Month: February 2013

ZB Travel – Red Centre of Oz. Feb 23

Half a million tourists descend on Uluru every year. What’s the pulling power? Ayers Rock ( Uluru) is unquestionably the letterhead for Australia’s Red Centre.  No other single rock structure in the world has magnetised the traveller quite like Ayers Rock.  If you arrive by plane, flying into pint-sized Ayers Rock Airport underscores the isolated… Read More ›

The Press – Yardley column. Feb 16

A cycling city. Cr Aaron Keown’s propensity for kite-flying defies all limits, but the free-ranging councillor might have finally stumbled on a nugget of common sense. Keown is right. The $69 million package of 13 city-wide cycleways is a stirring proposition that should be actioned.  Enough of the lip-service and the lofty 30-year strategic plans…. Read More ›

ZB Travel – The Ghan. Feb 16

How did the Ghan get its name and why is it so revered by train-spotters? The train’s name honours Afghan camel drivers who arrived in Australia in the late 19th century to help find a way to reach the country’s unexplored interior. The Adelaide to Alice rail track was completed 90 years ago, but the… Read More ›

ZB Travel – Lake Geneva. Feb 9

      Just two hours from Paris, if you want a Monte Carlo-esque holiday splash, before riding the rails of the Swiss Alps, Lake Geneva is a unique slice of Switzerland with a stack of great sights. The land of cheese, chocolate and clocks commands a steadfast hold on the travellers’ imagination. Switzerland’s jaw-dropping… Read More ›

The Press- Yardley column. Feb 9

Saleyards Site Ripe for the Picking. If ever there is a site that exemplifies the buttock-clench of civic embarrassment, the Addington Saleyards wins hands down.  Every time I drive past this  Deans Ave abomination, I have a Tourette’s-like impulse to discharge a few expletives.  It’s been well over a decade since the absentee Taiwanese owner,… Read More ›

The Press – Yardley Column. Feb 2

THE SCHOOL RUN. Did you know that a third of British primary school children have no idea where they live? It’s particularly bleak in Wales, where a staggering 57% of school kids are driven to school. Consequently, only 41% of Welsh kids know their home address.  I suspect Christchurch wouldn’t fare much better, given our… Read More ›

ZB Travel – Monterey Bay. Feb 2.

If you’ve toyed with the dream of driving the Pacific Coast Highway from LA to San Francisco, on Route 1,through Big Sur, set aside a night or two to explore Monterey Bay. What’s the appeal? Mighty Monterey is a Californian treasure-chest, glistening with some of the Golden State’s finest offerings. Sun-drenched beaches, thunderous Pacific breakers,… Read More ›