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The Press – News Column Apr 14

Selfie Sticks are Narciss-Sticks Oh goodie, I hear you say. It’s just what we need. Another all-consuming, self-obsessing piece of high-tech wizardy to add to our ever-increasing midden of need-it-now devices. Yes, the Apple Watch has gone on sale, so not only can the pedestrians of the world aimlessly meander down the street and through the… Read More ›

The Press – News Column April 7

Sluggish Police Response How would you feel if you were the victim of a crime, and after doing all the spadework handed police the evidence of the perpetrator’s identity, only for the police to park it up? The past week has exposed a worrying tendency by the police to appear flat-footed and phlegmatic, when presented… Read More ›

The Press – News column Mar 31

The E-cigarettes revolution If New Zealand is serious about reaching the lofty aspirational summit of becoming “Smokefree by 2025”, our public health officials must pull the pin on their priggishness to the e-cigarettes revolution.  To date, their obstinateness mirrors the same sniffy self-righteousness  that drives the zealots who rail against any form of low-emission household… Read More ›

The Press – News column Mar 24

Stinking of Self-Entitlement Schoolboys will be schoolboys,  but parents can be their own worst enemies.  Bravo to St Bede’s College Rector, Justin Boyle, for standing firm on the school’s code of conduct.  Breaching airport security, by illegally taking a ride on a luggage carousel into the secure is no trifling matter.  The two roguish rowers… Read More ›

The Press – News column Mar 17

Feckless Freedom Campers After three and half years of denial, delusion and dereliction,  the Christchurch City Council has finally agreed to craft a freedom camping bylaw.  Despite the government empowering  local councils with the legislative tools to regulate and enforce freedom camping since December 2011, our council opted to sit on its chuff, complicit and… Read More ›

The Press – News column Mar 10

Victoria Square controversy The summer’s biggest  hot-potato in Christchurch has now been served up on a cooling plate for public engagement. The Central City Development Unit set fire to civic passions late last year with its incendiary plan to subject Victoria Square to a stack of re-design molestations, frittering over $7 million in the process.  … Read More ›

The Press – News column Mar 3

Paying your fair share. Thank God needs-must pragmatism trumped rigid ideology, in the interests of  the ratepayers’ pocket. Congratulations to the eight city councillors who voted in favour of expanding the asset sales programme to $750 million. But we are going to need more of this.  Mauling the ratepayer with a 33% rates increase over… Read More ›

The Press- News column Feb 24

Giant of our Time: Celia Lashlie Fearless. Selfless. Relentless.  In between the headline-grabbing  fever of the Cricket World Cup and our museum’s pathetically provincial exhibitionism of a puerile t-shirt, the tragic death of Celia Lashlie and her life’s extraordinary work, hasn’t been accorded the depth of media coverage so richly deserved. Few people have touched… Read More ›

The Press-News column. Feb 17

Lyttelton must provide for Mega-liners For the past week I’ve been bobbing out the South Pacific on-board Voyager of the Seas, one of the increasing number of mega-liners being deployed Down Under, but shut out from Canterbury. The ongoing impasse over Lyttelton Port Company’s failure to commit to constructing a designated cruise berth facility is… Read More ›

The Press – News column Feb 10

User Pays to blunt Rates Bills The Christchurch water charging debate was floated, exploded and now unceremoniously dumped. Apparently our meters aren’t smart enough. It’s a bit of a black eye for the council’s  finance committee chair, Cr. Raf Manji, who spear-headed the push, with the Mayor’s backing. But Lianne Dalziel has hastily surrendered, seemingly… Read More ›