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Travel – what we love and loathe

As T. S Eliot said, ” The Journey not the arrival matters.” However there are many things that influence whether travellers love or loathe that journey. So what do we love about travelling? And what do we loathe?


Counting the number of sleeps until you leave.

Standing in front of a world landmark in slack-jawed wonder.

The blast of heat on arrival for a tropical break.

Not having to make your bed every morning

Broadening your horizons, geographically, culturally and socially.

Authentic fresh, local cuisine in an exotic locale.

Getting home and planning your next adventure!


Passport photos and renewal. No smiling, please.

Having to take your laptop out going through security.

Being singled-out for a full body scanner check. Yikes.

Having to “fight” for the armrest.

Feeling pressured to tip the hovering, lingering porter in your room, even though you were insistent about carrying your bag.

Hotels and beaches that have been wickedly air-brushed on their website.airlines logos.

Early morning flights.

A toothpaste explosion in your toilet bag.


Feel free to add to the list! Cheers, Mike

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