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Month: March 2013

The Press – Yardley column. March 2

Embracing the cycleway network. A fortnight ago in this column, I entreated the city council to stop peddling lip-service and lofty 30 year strategies about cycleways. I challenged the council to grasp the nettle and elevate the citywide cycling network into the draft Three Year Plan. Well, blow me down, the mayor and councillors have… Read More ›

APN Travel – Berlin. Feb,2013

Mighty Berlin, the city that stood at the seismic faultlines of the 20th century, is a city still trying to shuck its sooty Cold War image.  It’s a city of monumentality, a city of many faces, a city in a state of organic transformation, where the vestiges of Nazi and Soviet architecture jostle with pulsating… Read More ›