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ZB Travel – Pamukkale May 2

15TURKEY2 01115TURKEY2 012

Mike’s weekly travel slot on Newstalk ZB’s Jack Tame Show, turns the spotlight on one of Turkey’s singular experiences, Pamukkale.

15TURKEY2 01915TURKEY2 029

Explore the ancient spa city of Hierapolis, where St. Phillip was  killed and Cleopatra took a dip in the thermal pool.

15TURKEY2 03815TURKEY2 022

Do as she did, and enjoy the warm mineral waters, filled with calcite, which create the cascading terraces, known as Cotton Castle.  It’s very much the cousin of the Pink & White Terraces.

15TURKEY2 04015TURKEY2 044

Mike’s articles on Pamukkale will soon appear in NZME’s regional newspapers and on NZ’s premier travel magazine website, For the Love of Travel.

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